Artist Statement

My fantasy/surreal oil paintings narrate through biomorphic and suggestive imagery. As the viewer's brain work with the suggestive image, unconscious connections are released, and a completely unrestricted investigative mechanism is created through imagination. I use methods of morphing objects from the organic to inanimate, dissection, and juxtaposition of objects in unexpected interactions and situations. My artwork narrates experiences of females through pictorial metaphors focusing thematically on the consciousness of distress, trauma, sexualization, mental illness and oppression. It resonates persecution, repression, violence, neglect and ostracism. My artwork functions as a means of audience awareness, validation, and a platform for communal dialog supporting the understanding of individual roles and empathy. To dissolve the mindset of victimization and dominance, a level playing field emerges where strength and humility in tandem reach for  resolution.